Digital Library and Institutional Repository of the University of Macedonia - PSEPHEDA

The Digital Library & Institutional Repository PSEPHEDA is the service of Library & Information Centre that gathers digital / electronic materials to support the educational and research needs, lifelong learning, and the conservation and preservation of recorded knowledge. Therefore, it has a dual role:

  • As a digital library “Psepheda” offers, through its collections, a scarce printed and audiovisual material, which makes it one of the most appropriate means for the conservation of recent cultural and academic heritage.

  • As institutional repository “Psepheda” fulfills the objective of concentration, digital preservation and promotion of both dissertations and theses elaborated by the students of the University of Macedonia and other publications issued by the University.

The Digital Library & Institutional Repository PSEPHEDA is restructured, enriched and offered in a upgraded software version in the framework of the project “Open Access Scholarly e-Content at UOM: supporting library services for its organization, promotion, publication & interconnection” (NSRF 2007-2013, OP Digital Convergence, B2, MIS 304170)

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