The Library of the University of Macedonia offers educational seminars to library users in order to cover their information needs and support them on how to use the available library resources and become familiar with them, mainly the electronic ones. The seminars take place throughout the academic year and all members of the Academic Community may participate for free.


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The seminars are organized by the personnel of the Scientific Information and Documentation Department who will help you locate, manage, evaluate, present quickly and effectively the information you retrieve in the best and possible way.


Moreover, you learn how to use efficiently Cloud services and the Google tools, as well as find the best postgraduate program for you.



The minimum number of participation is 8 and the maximum is 25.

All the members of the Library have the right to participate in the Information literacy seminars which take place at a scheduled time during each academic year.


Location: The educational seminars take place in the Library of the University of Macedonia DigiL@b and in the Computer Laboratories of the University Departments according to availability.

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