Equipment for Persons with Disabilities

In the Library there is a specially designed room, which has modern working stations (PCs) with adaptive equipment for blind and partially sighted people.

Instructions Station:

  • The computers are configured to open and close automatically. Please DO NOT turn off computers and monitors. Exit only your work.
  • However, if the computer is off, press "1" on the keyboard to open.
  • Any installation program and / or file storage is temporary and disappears after the scheduled restart computer. Please use a portable way to store your tasks


Available Equipment and Sofware 

  • 2 PCs  Pentium 4, one with 19' sct monitor and the other with 17' tft monitor. Both have CD-ROM drive and connection to the internet.
  • JAWS (for Windows). It 's a software with windows which reads the contents of the monitor guiding the user, with sound, for his actions.
  • Apollo II. Speech synthesis external unit.
  • Braille dispaly. Device which shows the characters of the monitor as Braille characters readable by touch.
  • Software of efficient enlargement of the Supernova 12.08 with the screen reader Hal embodied, the Braille for the conversion of the text to Braille format and the voice composer Orpheus.
  • Book scanner and Optical Character Reading software (OCR)-Fine Reader 5, for the conversion of printed texts to electronic format.
  • Braille printer (Everest). The electronic texts can be printed in Braille format with the use of the specific printer of double side that the Library has.
  • Closed-circuit television -CCTV, Twinkle Bright. It's an item enlargement system which is intended for the users with partially / redused sight.
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