Returning a Checked-out Item

All users should return the books they have borrowed in the Library Circulation Desk in time.

In case of a delay, the user is charged with 0,5 EUROS fine, for every day of delay and for every item they have borrowed.

Find all relevant information on the payment methods.

Students in their final year can not graduate unless they return the books they owe.

  •  Book Return Service 24/7

The Book Return Service gives the right to all Library users to return their books, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, beyond the Library hours and even during holidays when the University is closed!!!

Check in date in the Book Return, which is situated next to the Library's entrance, is considered the exact previous day of the Library operation. The books in the Book Return are collected at 8 a.m. daily, during the Library working days. If, for example, a book is collected on Monday 2/6/2014, then it's considered to be returned on Saturday 31/5/2014 (Saturdays that the Library is closed are excluded)

ATTENTION!!!   If the returned books are delayed and there are fines, these are not deleted and they remain in the user's card, until they are paid.

Please check that the books you return belong to the Library's collection.

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