Photocopy machines

In the Library's entrance there are three photocopy machines for the users service. The machines operate with a 50 units card, that is 50 photocopies, which costs 1,50 euro or with a 100 units card, that is 100 photocopies, which costs 3 euro. You can buy these cards from the Circulation Desk at the entrance of the Library.

A photocopy machine in the journal bookshelves area is also available for the Faculty Satff. Every member that is interested in obtaining the right to use this photocopy machine can fill in the relevant application and hand it in the Circulation Department. The limit for every user is 1200 photocopies per academic year.

We would like to remind you that, according to the current law for the Copyright and the relative rights, it is strictly forbidden to phocopy the whole book or issue-volume of a journal. It is only allowed  to photocopy a small part of a work for a clearly private use of the person who photocopies it. That person is also responsible for the correct maintenance of the terms of the above legislation. In case of violation of the above terms or any other type of misuse severe punishments are foreseen for the violators.

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