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Interlibrary Loan is the procedure that libraries’ material becomes accessible from one library to another in order to meet the needs of their users.





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+30 (2310)891746
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Libraries that follow the international copyright laws & regulations can use our ILL service.

The loan period for libraries is 28 working days and the maximum quantity is 20 items per library. The maximum quantity per user is 3 items.

Users of other libraries living in Thessaloniki can borrow 2 items for 2 weeks and they ought to receive the loaned items by themselves from our Library.

Only one item renewal is possible provided that the ILL Office is prior notified 3 days before the loan expiration date.

Furthermore you can consult the University’s Interlibrary Loan Policy (available only in Greek)

Interlibrary Loan service (ILL service) is a procedure that a user of one library can have access or borrow documents from other libraries. Interlibrary Loan Office finds, requests and provides books and journal articles from other Cooperative Libraries from Greece or other countries.

University of Macedonia Library cooperates and supplies books through the Hellenic Interlibrary Loan Network (HIlL-net), the Interlibrary Loan Network of Libraries of Thessaloniki "Thess-BiBlio" and journal articles through the ILL Service of Scientific and Technological Libraries National Network. Also, Library cooperates with the Document Delivery Service of British Library and Subito, a cooperative German document delivery service, as well as all libraries in the world that participate in the IFLA Voucher Scheme.


All subscribed members of the University of Macedonia Library have the right to use the ILL Service.

ILL requests must be submitted only through the electronic ILL Application Form available in Library's website.

Users have to check first the Library Catalog and the Electronic Journals Catalog in order to verify that  the documents requested are not included in the Library’s holdings. 

For more information please contact the ILL staff:

Gogeraki Georgia

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Contact number: (2310) 891746

The user who requests material through the ILL Service is prior notified about the possible charges of the material requested. The material is ordered only if the user agrees to these charges and pays in advance the relevant amount.

Find all relevant information on the payment methods

The cost varies as follows:

  • 8 euros shipping costs via courier for material within Greece (excluding the material delivered in Thessaloniki)
  • 6 euros for orders from cooperative libraries abroad (only for Members of University of Macedonia). For external users, the cost varies depending on the supplier and the material type.
  • For articles ordered through the “Scientific and Technological Libraries National Network”, cost starts from 2 Euros and varies depending on the number of pages.


In details:


Type of document

Cost in Euros
University Members
External Users


   6 €

6 € - 12 €


6 €  26 €


British Library

Type of document

         Cost in Euros
University Members   
External Users
Article    6 €  

30 €


  6 € 42 €


Scientific and Technological Libraries National Network

Number of Article pages

Cost in Euros











200 +


The average delivery time from other libraries depends on many factors, including the location of the item (library) and its availability. The average delivery time is:

  • 1-3 days for books ordered from libraries within Greece
  • approximately 10 days for books ordered from libraries abroad Greece
  • 1-3 days for articles

Loan period for books is ten days (10 days). All interlibrary loan items must be returned by due date to the ILL service Staff.

Journal articles are delivered to the user only in printed form (not in electronic form).